Nature constructs intricate bio-active structures, serving as amuse for chemists to replicate these intricate formationswithin the confines of the laboratory. Throughout thisendeavor, there have been numerous strides in discoveringnovel reactions and reagents. The compounds derived fromnatural sources assume a critical role in both chemistry andbiology. Additionally, these natural products act as versatilestarting materials in asymmetric synthesis. Furthermore,they function as valuable tools in the realm of biologicalsciences, aiding in the comprehension of how biologicalpathways are modulated. This understanding, in turn, unveilspotential novel drug targets for the management of diseases.The synergy between nature-inspired chemistry and thedevelopment of affordable drugs for human healthcare isundeniable. The conference presentations are dedicated toexploring the latest chemical trends inspired by nature,fostering a platform for the convergence of industry andacademia. This unique gathering aims to facilitatemeaningful interactions and fruitful collaborations amongacademicians, scientists, and researchers frompharmaceutical industries in the field of chemistry.


The scientific programme consists of series of lectures byeminent personalities from Academia and Industries. Shortpresentations from emerging researchers and a poster sessionby research scholars showcasing their recent researchaccomplishments is also planned. The conference topicsinclude:
  • natural product synthesis
  • asymmetric synthesis
  • organo catalysis
  • crop protection chemistry
  • sustainable chemistry
  • biocatalysis
  • process development
  • medicinal chemistry and more.


CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology is one of thepremier constituent laboratories of the Council ofScientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), which is afederally funded R&D organization, having 37 NationalLaboratories under its umbrella, located in major cities inIndia. Established in 1944, CSIR-IICT has made significantcontributions in the field of chemical sciences andtechnology. Major areas of research are: agrochemicals,analytical sciences, applied biology, catalysis, coal,chemical engineering, drugs, lipids, mechanicalengineering, natural products isolation, organic synthesis,organic coatings, paints and polymers, etc. IICT’s basicobjectives have always been to carry out research in thechemical sciences and allied areas, leading to innovativeprocesses for a variety of products necessary for humanwelfare such as health, food and energy. The R&D work isfully geared to meet the requirements of technologydevelopment, transfer and commercialization. (

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